Do You Need to Replace Your Commercial Glass Doors?

Do You Need to Replace Your Commercial Glass Doors?

Glass doors undergo a lot of use, and if they’re facing the outdoors, they withstand climate 24/7. They can last decades, but also collect damage over time that could require repair or replacement sooner than expected.

These three questions can help you determine if your doors need commercial glass replacement:

Is there visual damage or wearing down from age?

If your glass doors open to the outdoors instead of the interior of a mall, they’re likely exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures for long stretches of time. As the months and years add up, your door frame might warp or lose its air seal to heat shrinkage. The glass itself might become cracked, foggy, or cloudy. These all can be caused by natural elements over time, such  as rain and wind, so even if you do your best to avoid physical damage, your doors are still susceptible to wear and tear.

Likewise, if your glass doors are entrance doors, they’re susceptible to a lot more damage because of heavy use. Frequent use increases the chances of damaged and stained glass, banged up frames, and faulty hinges. If ignored, your doors might cause a lot more problems than simply looking bad or hitching when opening. It’s best to repair the glass or install new glass panes.

Do you need to meet safety regulations?

Untreated glass doors could cause accidents and injuries. It might seem small to have creaking hinges or minor cracks, but what happens there’s just enough pressure for the glass to fully crack? Or when a child traces their finger along a deep crack and draws blood? It’s safer to fix these issues now before they cause problems or get larger. 

Additionally, safety regulations change over time. You should be updated on the current codes as relating to accessibility and fire safety. For example, the National Fire Protection Association has a moral code that’s often integrated into regulations, such as local ordinances requiring exterior doors to be equipped with a push bar or other panic device. 

Uncertain about whether you meet safety regulations? Your local commercial glass specialist can help you find out if you’re missing anything.

Are you rebranding your business?

Glass doors can be etched or designed to reflect your branding. Think of the doors you’d see on an upscale retailer versus the doors on a discount retailer. Upscale retailers put in the effort to make a high-end impression before you walk in. Discounters, gardening retailers, and home repair stores typically are more concerned with functionality than glossy doors.

If you’re rebranding your business, don’t overlook the importance of your doors. And if you’re not rebranding, consider if your current doors convey your business branding.

Your local commercial glass replacement contractors

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