How to Clean Window Blinds like a Professional

How to Clean Window Blinds like a Professional

While your home undergoes residential windows replacement, give your blinds a thorough cleaning. Fresh blinds will complement your new windows, spruce up your home interior, and celebrate your recent addition. To freshen your blinds, first give them a dusting. Second, you’ll do a light or deep cleaning depending on their soil level. See below for further details.

Dusting window blinds

It’s easier to clean before the service, but if the window is almost installed, have the window contractor show you how to replace the blinds. 

First, give your window blinds a light cleaning by passing a microfiber cloth or feather duster over each blind. For especially narrow blinds, wrap a sock around a ruler to fit into the gaps. If your vacuum has a brush attachment and your blinds are made of sturdier material than metal strips, you can substitute that and make a light pass from one end to the other. Make sure to get both sides of the blinds.

If you’re in a rush, you can curve a long sock along the edge of the blind and swipe horizontally, getting both sides at once. For wooden blinds, avoid using harsh anti-dust cleaners. Chemicals can cause aesthetic and functional damage on wooden surfaces.

Cleaning window blinds

Next, lightly clean your blinds with a mild DIY solution of one-part water and one-part vinegar. Dip a sock or cloth into the solution and pass it through the blinds. For wooden blinds, you could use a solution that’s one-part vinegar and one-part olive oil. The vinegar will clean stains while the oil will soak into the wood for moisture.

Check with your manufacturer’s instructions for more specialized care. Some manufacturers might recommend a certain store-bought solution or a different process. The latter mostly applies to blinds made of fabric or other materials. Blinds with lots of hardware or decorative bits could need more exact, careful cleaning.

Deep cleaning window blinds 

For wooden, non fabric, and speciality blinds that are heavily stained, you can do a deep cleaning. Fill a tub with warm water and your cleaning solution, then soak your blinds for about an hour. Scrub away stains with a gentle brush, then rinse them with cold water. 

Hang your blinds to dry on a sturdy surface away from extreme heat so they don’t get warped. Once they’re completely dry, put them back up. In the future, dust your blinds once a week, give them a light cleaning once a month, and deep clean them once to twice a year. Your blinds will last longer, be easy to operate, and be easier to clean.

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