5 Signs That Your Auto Glass Replacement Was Installed Incorrectly

5 Signs That Your Auto Glass Replacement Was Installed Incorrectly

Understandably, you would expect to leave an auto glass replacement service with a new properly-installed windshield. Your car was serviced by experts with years, sometimes decades, of experience working with all types of glass, from residential to auto, so why shouldn’t you assume the best? The answer is that mistakes happen, regardless of expertise.

Don’t assume your windshield is fine until you inspect for these five signs:

1. You hear whooshing when traveling at high speeds

When you increase your speed, your car typically makes a soft wind sound. It usually comes from an open window or one that is slightly lowered. However, if it comes from your windshield, your windshield likely was not replaced properly. Return to your auto glass servicer as soon as you can.

2. The windshield isn’t flush with your car frame

A windshield that isn’t fully set into your car frame after replacement could mean multiple problems. Your installer might have selected the wrong windshield for your model or improperly fitted the glass. 

3. The old adhesive is still in place

Your auto glass replacement should’ve scraped the old adhesive and applied a new layer. If the old molding wasn’t removed but new adhesive was added to the top of the old, your windshield isn’t waterproof. However, if water leaks around your windshield during car washes or rainy weather, it could also be a sign that your windshield isn’t fitted properly.

4. The windshield has a wavy appearance

After your auto glass replacement, check your windshield in bright sunlight to check for waves, bumps, or any imperfections in the glass texture. If your windshield doesn’t appear to be a smooth curve of glass, it might be low-quality auto glass.

5. Your windshield makes rattling noises

If your windshield makes a rattling noise when you ride over bumps, increase your speed, or otherwise means it’s loose in the frame. Return to your auto repair shop immediately because it could dislodge and cause a serious accident.

Auto glass replacement at Dan’s Glass

Windshields are one of the most important safety features in your car. If you suspect any problems with your windshield installation or safety, don’t wait to contact a reputable auto glass replacement service. Proper installation could be a matter of life or death.

Dan’s Glass has been providing quality and professional services for residential, commercial, and auto glass since 1979. Contact us today to schedule auto glass replacement.


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