How to Keep Your Commercial Windows Shiny and Clear

How to Keep Your Commercial Windows Shiny and Clear

Your business is judged by more than its products and services. If your office or store looks rundown or unkempt, customers will have a certain view of your business. Curb appeal helps customers form a positive opinion about your business before they purchase your offerings.

A simple way to make your business look appealing is with clear, shiny windows. If your windows are old, you can schedule commercial glass installation or commercial glass repair services. Otherwise, you can keep your current windows clean and shiny with the following tips: 

Cleaning the window tracks

Remove the dirt and dried debris from the window tracks before spraying your cleaning solution. If you wet the tracks before clearing it, you’ll combine the debris into a gunk that will smear across the glass if you continue cleaning. Brush off the debris with a dry paper towel, or vacuum with a brush attachment to lift up the loose dirt and dead bugs.

Next, check your windows for weep holes. These are slits or openings in your window sill that allow water to drain. On the outside of your business, they could appear as small rectangular slits in or below the frame. If you have weep holes, you can unblock them by pouring equal parts warm water and soap along the horizontal sill. This loosens and washes away the remaining debris stains.

Choosing a cleaning solution

You can choose from many cleaning solutions in department and home improvement stores. Look for a formula that is non-streaking and doesn’t leave residue behind. Your commercial glass installation contractor can recommend the best over-the-counter solutions for your glass type.

You can also make your own cleaning solution, such as equal parts water and white vinegar. Dust baking soda on the window sill, then spray the vinegar mixture into the window tracks until the baking soda is saturated. As the mixture sits for 5-10 minutes, spray the vertical window sill. Scrub the dirt with a toothbrush, then wipe down.

If none of these cleaning solutions work, that’s a top sign your commercial glass needs to be replaced.

Choosing your cleaning tools

For cleaning the window sill and tracks, you can use old toothbrushes, paper towels, and rags. For wiping down the glass, you can use sponges, cloths, a squeegee, and anything that won’t scrape the glass. Carefully, you can clear out the corners of your window tracks with a butter knife wrapped in a rag. 

Eliminating stains

Hard water

If your window is near a sprinkler, your windows likely have hard water stains. These are often caused by hard minerals that are best removed with an over-the-counter cleaner specialized for hard water stains, or a vinegar solution. These cleaners break down the hard water minerals so you can swipe them away.

Tough stains

Tougher window stains, like dried paint, leftover residue from window decals, and others can be  removed with a scraper or scrubbing sponge. Don’t use steel wools or metal scrubbers, which will scratch your windows. The toughest stains might be too baked into your glass to remove, making your only option glass replacement.

When to look into commercial glass installation 

After years of 24/7 exposure to the elements, your windows will stop clearing up. They might be scratched by debris blown against their exterior, or clouded with moisture that worked into their seals. When simple cleaning methods won’t make your windows shiny and clear, the best solution is scheduling commercial glass installation.

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