Knowing When to Replace Your Cabinet Glass

Knowing When to Replace Your Cabinet Glass

Glass cabinets typically don’t take major damage from everyday activities. But once in a while or over time, glass accumulates damage, whether structural or superficial. How do you know whether to repair your glass or use residential windows replacement services? 

If the glass is cracked through, you need replacement glass

You can expect your cabinet glass to take a few hits and survive. Think of the times the door swung close before you could fully put away the contents, or the times you swung the door shut on a protruding item. Low-hanging cabinets that function as display cases might take hits from wayward toys or pets pawing at the class. Either way, your glass shouldn’t take damage from reasonable impact.

However, if your glass is old or made of cheap material or takes a powerful blow, it could give way or form a crack. No matter how small, if a crack is left alone, repeated impact could cause it to spiderweb into a larger one that shatters the glass.

DIY repair vs. replacement

You could fill in small cracks with epoxy, but that will only reduce the appearance. The fissure will still be visible. If you want your glass to appear flawless, the best thing to do with large cracks or visible small cracks is to hire a residential cabinet glass service. You could also contact a windows replacement expert whose portfolio extends to glass cabinets, glass showers, and more.

If the glass has superficial damage, you can repair or replace it

Not all damage is dangerous. If your cabinet glass has surface-level scratches, scrapes, or splotches, the only damage is to its aesthetic appeal. You don’t have to replace your cabinet glass, but if you can’t stand the look and cleaning gets you nowhere, you’ll have to replace the glass. A windows replacement expert can help you find the same or similar glass material.

Window experts can also update your cabinets with a different type of glass. Now is the perfect time to consider decorative seeded, frosted, or etched glass. You also could install glass with a ribbed or wavy surface to distort the cabinet interior. If your cabinet glass was clear before, you can install tinted or stained glass to match your room’s color theme. Your options are as far as the skills of your residential windows replacement provider, who could also help you convert wood cabinet doors into glass doors.

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