Checklist for Finding the Right Commercial Glass Replacement Company

Checklist for Finding the Right Commercial Glass Replacement Company

Your everyday business routine probably doesn’t include dealing with broken or damaged glass, but accidents happen. You might find yourself looking for the right commercial glass replacement company to fix a damaged storefront or office window. This might be the most stressful part of the installation. Which local company should you go for?

There are certain aspects of glass companies you should look for when you’re looking for service. Read below for a few of these aspects that hint toward quality, reputable service that you can trust with your business.

Years of experience

Your chosen commercial glass replacement company should have extensive experience working a broad spectrum of glass. Residential, commercial, and auto glass replacement require different methods, and the right glass expert will provide the best service for any setting. They should also have experience with your specific glass type or an appropriate alternative. 

For example, they should have experience with single- and dual-pane windows, retrofitting, and if appropriate, custom glass.

Delivers prompt and quality service

Broken glass is a serious safety hazard that must be fixed ASAP. Your glass repair company should provide prompt, professional service with the highest quality glass and materials to prolong your need for subsequent service. They should also be committed to making it as easy and straightforward a process as possible. After installation, they should show you how to keep your commercial glass shiny and clear, and free of damage.

Has professional staff and conduct

From start to finish, you want a glass repair company that is always professional. Their contractors will be entering your office or place of business, and you should be able to trust they’ll be courteous to your staff and any customers who come across them. If working during business hours, the convenience and safety of customers should always be acknowledged.

Gives free estimates

Along with a free estimate, your ideal glass repair company should detail all aspects of the service, including installation fee, labor, and the type of glass and material to be used. An estimated timeframe should be mentioned or discussed in person. 

Works with insurance agencies

Chances are your commercial glass is covered by business insurance. If so, your glass repair company should accept payment from insurers without difficulty. If your insurance won’t cover all the costs, they should work with you to fit into your current budget by offering multiple payment options, such as spread payments and accepting different credit cards.

Reputation for exceeding customer expectations

Dan’s Glass has provided quality and professional services for residential, commercial, and auto glass since 1979. Contact us today for a free quote on your commercial glass replacement project.

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