How to Squeegee Your Windshield without Leaving Streaks

How to Squeegee Your Windshield without Leaving Streaks

Do you squeegee every time you fill your gas tank and never drive off with a clear, streakless windshield? While you can chalk it up to the gas station providing worn out and low quality squeegees, your technique might just need some refining to keep your windshield in top condition and delay your need for auto glass replacement.

Tools & materials needed

  • Squeegee
  • Windshield cleaning solution
  • Paper towels or microfiber cloth

4 steps to a streakless window

1. Wet your windshield

Lift up your windshield wipers, then spray the windshield with your cleaner or pour the cleaner directly onto the surface. If doing the latter, be careful not to splash too much cleaner onto your paint, as the cleaner is specifically for your windshield. You could use a cleaner appropriate for residential glass, if it’s also marketed as safe for auto glass.

2. Drag your squeegee’s sponge along your windshield

For most car owners, a simple back-and-form motion with the squeegee’s spongey side will suffice to loosen and remove dirt and grime. For dried and caked-in dirt, you might use a glass scraper to gently chip away at buildup. Don’t use the scraper around chips or cracks, as you might apply too much pressure to the damaged area. If your windshield has seen its share of kicked-up debris on the roads, you can DIY repair rock chips that are smaller than the size of a quarter.

3. Remove water with your squeegee’s rubber strip

Clear water by dragging your squeegee’s rubber strip from top to bottom in overlapping stripes. Between each pass, use your paper towel or microfiber cloth to remove water from the rubber strip. Removing water is key to preventing streaking.

4. Absorb excess water

Use your paper towel or microfiber close to catch water along the bottom of the windshield and around the window sill.

Knowing when your windshield needs replacement

Sometimes the most diligent window washing session doesn’t work. If your windshield is streakless but flaunting chips, cracks, discoloration, fogging among other vision obstructions, you might need repairs. Over time, your windshield will accumulate dings and other damage from kicked-up debris that will need individual repairs before they worsen and require total auto glass replacement.

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