Patterned Shower Glass is a Great Alternative to Clear Glass

Patterned Shower Glass is a Great Alternative to Clear Glass

During any residential windows replacement project, installing patterned glass in your shower is a great idea. Patterned glass can be installed any place that clear glass would be used, and offers privacy, aesthetic appeal, and functionality that goes far beyond the ordinary clear glass.

Clear Vs. Color

Installing patterned shower glass as part of your residential glass replacement process gives you many different options, including an assortment of tints and patterns. Color adds emphasis to the shower unit and patterns are available in everything from geometric designs to scenic patterns such as bamboo, birds, and more.

Patterns Promote Privacy

Patterned shower glass adds privacy without blocking light from coming into the shower enclosure. With patterns, only the most basic hint of the person in the shower can be seen from outside, or you can go with patterns that completely block the view by installing shower-specific lighting. From none at all to completely obscured, how much privacy you want is completely under your control when you install patterned shower glass.

Patterned Glass For Every Shower

When you install patterned shower glass as part of your residential windows replacement, the sky is the limit. Shower enclosures can be custom built to match the space you want to use and offer a large variety of options. Since your enclosure can be built to your specifications, any space you have is suitable for a shower enclosure.

Patterned Glass for Relaxed Living

Another aspect of patterned shower glass is that it takes some of the toil and trouble out of keeping things clean. Glass is easy to clean and is more resistant to mold and mildew than traditional shower wall materials. For the homeowner, this means less frequent cleaning is necessary and you won’t spend as much time doing the job. Equally as appealing, glass cleaning products tend to be less caustic than the products used for tubs and factory molded enclosures, so you can keep your shower cleaner and be healthier at the same time.

Make It Uniquely Yours

Because glass can be custom designed specifically for your residential windows replacement project, every glass shower enclosure is unique. That is something you can’t get from an off-the-shelf shower enclosure, and it offers a lot if you plan to sell the home. The ability to have a unique patterned glass shower means you are adding to your home value in the process, and that can be hugely beneficial when the home goes on the market.

If you are renovating your home, including patterned shower glass in your residential windows replacement is an excellent idea. Glass adds the illusion of space, provides exceptional lighting, and can be custom-built to fit any space at your preferred privacy level. That kind of flexibility isn’t available with most shower enclosures, and these only scratch the surface of what you can do.

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