Is It Time to Get New Windows for Your Business?

Is It Time to Get New Windows for Your Business?

Commercial glass installation can be important for a number of reasons. A lot of problems with window glass can be repaired, but new installation is generally more appropriate in a commercial setting. To help you determine whether it is time to replace your business windows, consider some of these basic problems that you should be on the lookout for.

Broken Window Glass

Broken or cracked windows can be drafty, cause rattling noises, and create an unappealing exterior view of your business. Worse, cracked and broken windows are easier to remove, and that leaves your business vulnerable to unwanted entry. You could replace the broken panes, but there is no better time to upgrade than when repairs must be done anyway. Commercial glass installation is far more cost effective than making stop-gap repairs that only delay what needs to be done.

Permanently Fogged Glass

Glass shows wear over time, accumulating scratches on the surface, or fogging between panes of double-paned glass. Professional glass technicians can repair fogged glass by replacing the panes and insulating gas, but it is probably a better idea to replace the windows completely, giving your business a fresh new look.

Windows Won’t Open or Close

When your windows no longer operate the way they were designed to work, replacing your windows may be the most logical course of action. Window frames can warp with age or as a building settles and mechanisms that make opening and closing the windows effortless can wear out. For older windows, repairs may not even be an option, because older window mechanisms may no longer be supported by the manufacturer, making replacement parts hard to find.

Damaged Window Frames

A lot of things can go wrong with window frames. Buildings settle with age and frames become damaged or naturally deteriorate. But replacing window frames is not done solely as a repair job, and one of the most common reasons to replace commercial glass is to upgrade the location. Giving the building a facelift is the perfect time to replace aging windows with newer styles, larger windows, or different window shapes.

Rising Energy Costs

If you have noticed that your fuel and energy bills are rising, some of the additional costs may be directly related to issues with your windows. For business owners, rising energy costs are often the first sign that something is wrong, and an energy audit typically reveals that windows need to be repaired or replaced.

Commercial glass installation makes your building look better, but it also reduces energy costs, deters criminal entry, and may improve employee morale by giving your staff a better, clearer view of the world outside.

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