What Kinds of Windows are Best for Your Space?

What Kinds of Windows are Best for Your Space?

Commercial glass replacement can accommodate the needs and requirements of most businesses. Whether you want to increase ventilation, reduce energy costs, create natural lighting, or just give your business a friendly new look there are windows that can suit even the most discerning tastes.

Influential Considerations

Before you shop for windows, it is a good idea to meet with a commercial glass replacement specialist about your needs. Things like architectural style, local weather, and interior room layout all play a part in what size and type of windows you will be able to use.

Window Frames

The frames of your windows will also have an impact on what type of windows you can use, where they can be placed, and the effect your windows will have on average energy costs. In general, Fiberglas frames provide the most energy reduction, but vinyl or wood is more economical to install. Licensed glass contractors can explain the pros and cons of available frame types, and show how they provide differing benefits.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are large, curved windows that provide maximum exposure for light or displaying merchandise. This type of window requires the maximum amount of space but actually increases your window area when compared to other types. Using tinted or textured glass will allow light into the room but minimize visibility in both directions.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are some of the most common types of windows, and may open either vertically or horizontally. Sliding glass windows can be custom designed to fit any space, and can use single or multiple paned window glass. 

Picture Windows

Picture windows are ideal for retail shops or companies trying to maximize exterior curb appeal. They may consist of many types of glass, including tinted, textured, and safety glass. Tempered glass is commonly used for picture windows. Light and temperature coatings are available to allow you to get the most value and conserve energy in the process.

Casement Windows

Casement windows open on hinges and may open vertically or horizontally. Casement windows are most commonly found in elevated parts of a room or near the ceiling. Casement windows are sometimes referred to as crank windows because they are often designed to be opened by turning a handle.

There are a lot of options available for commercial glass installation, with a range of pricing options based on the type of window, the frames, and the glass used. Depending on the type of window and scope of the project, some installations can be completed in as little as a day.

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