Signs Your Vehicle Needs New Windows

Signs Your Vehicle Needs New Windows

Auto glass replacement can make your ride quieter, keep the cab more comfortable, and keep your family safer when they ride along. If you have cracked glass, a broken window, or have been noticing the symptoms below, it might be a good idea to call a glass replacement specialist to find out whether new auto glass is in your future.

Road Noise

If you are hearing a lot of noise from the road, you should have auto glass technicians inspect the glass. There are other causes of road noise transferring into the cab of the vehicle, but windows are the first place to check. In some cases, you will only need to have the seals replaced, but some situations will require window replacement.

Hissing or Whistling

Whistling sounds that pick up in pitch or intensity in proportion to your speed are a definite indication that air is being transferred between the interior and exterior of your car. The most common causes of whistling and hissing are a window that isn’t seated properly, worn seals, or broken or cracked glass. Even a small hole can make a lot of noise.

Hard to Heat or Cool

If the cabin of your vehicle isn’t warming up as fast as it should or seems to get cold as soon as you turn the heat off, you may be suffering from heat loss. You may have weathered seals around your windshield, cracked or broken glass, or windows that are out of alignment. Combined with the previous symptoms, the likelihood of a window glass problem is more certain.

Cracks and Chips

Broken auto glass is no joke, and state regulations prohibit driving a motor vehicle if vision is affected by cracks or chips. Worse, a cracked windshield is going to get worse and may eventually implode on the passengers. And to top it all off, your windshield plays an important part in the structural integrity of your vehicle so a cracked windshield means getting into an accident could cause more severe damages or injuries. 

Windows Will Not Operate

If you have side windows that won’t open or close, your car is definitely in need of window repair or replacement. Have an auto glass company take a look at it as soon as possible because your windows affect the security of everything inside the vehicle. If the window has become scratched or cracked because of the problem, replacement may be the only option anyway. 

Even if you have a custom vehicle with hard-to-find windows, glass companies that specialize in custom glass can help you get the replacement glass you need. You can’t get that kind of auto glass replacement from big national auto glass chains, you will need a qualified glass company that can match the frame you have.

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