Signs Your Home Needs New Windows

Signs Your Home Needs New Windows

Your house provides some great indications that you need residential windows replacement. From rising energy costs to windows that do not function properly, you should observe the clues you are given and take steps to correct the problems. 

Will Not Open or Close

After home windows replacement, your windows will be well-balanced and slide easily in their frames. By contrast, older windows may be difficult to lock or unlock, fail to seal properly when closed or refuse to operate correctly at all.

Damaged Sills or Frames

Over time, wooden sills deteriorate due to weather, pests, and other damages. Metal windows can become bent, or even begin to come apart at the seams. Regardless of your window materials, time will eventually cause them to stop functioning. Frames are sometimes damaged by the settling of your home, causing window casings to warp or become forced out of true.

Cracked or Broken Glass

Cracked and broken window glass is a sure sign that you need window glass replacement. In some cases, replacing the glass will solve your problem, but cracked window glass can be caused by a number of problems that are related to the frames. Repairing the problems will increase the security of the home, reduce energy costs, and reduce external noises inside the home.

Higher Energy Costs

Faulty windows make homeownership more expensive. Leaks around the windows and broken glass allow heat exchange between the interior and exterior, and that means your heating and cooling system works harder to keep the home comfortable. If you have noticed that your energy costs are going up, your windows are one of the first places to look for ways to bring them back down.


If you notice condensation on the interior of your windows, it may be a signal that your windows need to be replaced. Condensation is a major indication that you have a heat exchange problem. A great way to fix this problem is to install multi paned glass that forms a barrier between your family and the elements.


If you are remodeling your home, window replacement should be given serious consideration. New windows give your home a new look, provide effective insulation, and offer a clear view. Making window replacement a prominent part of your remodel will increase your home’s curb appeal, and that makes it more valuable if you decide to put it on the market.

Faulty windows can be expensive and annoying. If your home has any of the signs discussed here, window replacement has the potential to make your home quieter, more comfortable, and healthier.

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