Red Flags to Watch for When Replacing Your Vehicle’s Windows

Red Flags to Watch for When Replacing Your Vehicle’s Windows

Your vehicle’s windshield and side windows are more important than you may know. When they become worn or damaged, auto glass replacement is a necessary solution. If your car is giving you any of these warnings, you need to get the situation corrected quickly or the problem is likely to escalate into more serious problems, including an increased risk of injury.

Wipers Don’t Work Properly

A major reason for vehicle glass replacement is a cracked or broken windshield. In addition to the following problems, windows with uneven surfaces may prevent your wipers from making appropriate contact with the glass. The result is a streaked or coated window surface that inhibits adequate vision and may lead to a collision.

Draftiness When Driving

The cab of your vehicle is designed to be a well-sealed environment. Worn seals or cracked glass will reduce the effect. This can lead to an ineffective heating and cooling system as well as drafts. If you hear a whistling noise when driving at highway speeds, it is likely that your windows may not be sealing properly.

Chips or Cracks

Anytime your auto glass has visible damage, you should have the damaged glass replaced as soon as possible. Cracked or broken glass reduces the integrity of the passenger compartment and could result in more serious damages in the event of a collision. Just as importantly, damaged front or back windshields are against the law in most states and may result in expensive penalties.

Hazy or Fogged Glass

The areas adjacent to a cracked window often become cloudy. In severe cases, twin lines of fogginess will zigzag along the crack, dangerously inhibiting a clear line of sight. Once it begins, the cloudiness will only get worse over time, so replacing it as soon as possible is the best solution.

Windshield Leaks During Rain

Leaking windows are related to a loss of improperly sealed windows. cracks and holes may be responsible, but the problem is also associated with worn window seals. In either situation, allowing leaks to continue will lead to more extensive interior damage, including faulty electronic systems, moldy upholstery, and unpleasant odors.

If your vehicle has any of these red flags, auto glass replacement is in your future. The good news is that most reputable auto insurance policies cover window replacement, often involving no cost to you. The underlying strategy is that keeping your auto glass in good condition reduces the likelihood of collisions and other insurance claims.

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