5 Ways To Liven Up Your Home With Residential Glass Services

5 Ways To Liven Up Your Home With Residential Glass Services

A popular way to liven up any home is to use residential glass. Every room of the house will benefit from glass, including things like providing better visibility, creating the illusion of more space, and transforming dark corners into brighter, more appealing family areas. The key is to work with a qualified glass company because they offer a myriad of options compared to those big chain furniture and housewares stores.

1. Display Cases

Glass shelving and display cases make it easier for visitors to admire whatever you want to exhibit in your home, from knick-knacks to treasured possessions. Working with a company that provides custom glass services opens the door for choices and options that aren’t available from a big box store. From building a display case that precisely fits a preferred location to using tinted or beveled glass, this will make your home uniquely your own.

2. Mirror Effects

Mirrors are both ornamental and highly functional. Custom mirrors can provide indirect lighting in rooms without windows, make small spaces seem larger, and generally liven up every room in the house. Custom mirrors are one of the most popular ways to use glass in brightening rooms and making every living space more appealing.

3. Windows and Doors

New windows increase energy efficiency by eliminating leaks caused by cracked or broken glass, faulty seals, and worn window frames. Installing doors with glass panels lets more light into the home and offers a variety of customization options, including frosted glass, side panels, and more.

4. Restroom Glass

There are a lot of ways to improve the atmosphere in your bathrooms with glass. Glass tub and shower enclosures are available in many styles, mirrors make it easier to achieve that perfect stepping-out style, and custom racks put your bathroom linens in easy reach of the tub and vanity.

5. Kitchen Cabinets

In the kitchen, glass cabinet doors make it easy to see what you are looking for. Glass is resistant to stains, cleans up easily, and adds a touch of class. Strategically placed mirrors will eliminate potential collisions when moving from the kitchen to the dining room in addition to providing the illusion of a larger cooking area.

One of the major problems with buying glass at a major furniture store is that there isn’t a lot of variety to choose from. By contrast, experienced glass contractors allow you to customize it all so that your home conforms precisely to your family’s preferences in placement, design, and usability. 

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