4 Ways Residential Windows Replacement Will Boost Your Home Resale Value

4 Ways Residential Windows Replacement Will Boost Your Home Resale Value

Anyone who is preparing to put their home on the market should be interested in getting the best price possible. One affordable way to do that is through residential windows replacement. Available in all sizes– including custom-made– windows not only increase the home value but also help attract prospective buyers by creating a more visually attractive home exterior. Including curb appeal, here are 4 reasons that window replacement will not only attract interested buyers but bring a higher sales price.

1. Add Curb Appeal

The first step to selling your home is to get people to stop and look. Homes with cloudy-looking windows or obvious frame deterioration may even lower the home’s potential value. Window replacement is an excellent way to correct that because your windows are highly visible and shiny new glass will make heads turn.

2. Improve Home Efficiency

Windows tend to lose efficiency as they age. Caulking dries out, glass gets cracked or broken, frames deteriorate, and more. Installing new residential glass has the potential to lower energy costs by as much as 30 percent, and that can help the home sell faster while bringing in a higher price. Adding features like tinted glass or double-paned windows may save even more, and that’s a huge selling point in a troubled economy.

3. Panoramic Views

Installing larger windows will make looking out on the world a more enjoyable experience. In some cases, such as installing bay windows, new window glass will completely transform the view into an enticing vista that buyers will instantly love. Bay windows are excellent for situations where there is a great view to be admired or when you want to showcase landscaping features such as a waterfall, fountain, or rock garden.

4. Natural Lighting

Natural sunlight has a lot to offer. Studies have shown that strategic window placement or installing larger windows offer health benefits like reduced eye strain, improved mood, and better overall health. Additionally, the more natural light you can bring into the home, the less energy will be used for artificial lighting. You can even install skylights to make rooms brighter and more inviting without affecting the privacy of the people inside.

There are certainly other ways to increase your home’s resale value, but residential glass is one of the most affordable methods. With dozens of types, styles, and options, installing window glass is also one of the most versatile ways to add value, attract interest, and make prospective buyers more comfortable with their buying decision.

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