3 Ways Commercial Glass Installation Increases Security for Businesses

3 Ways Commercial Glass Installation Increases Security for Businesses

Businesses are often targeted by thieves, vandals, and other criminal activity, but commercial glass installation can reduce your vulnerability a great deal. Glass will not eliminate your security threats, but new windows will make your company a less appealing target by increasing your business’s safety and security.

1. Eliminate Easy Access

Cracked and broken glass indicates that you need commercial glass installation as soon as possible. When the integrity of your windows is lost, your building or office security is in jeopardy. Worse, once a pane of glass has cracked it is far more likely to break in high winds or winter storms, virtually inviting unsavory characters to test the waters inside your business. Cracked and broken window glass can also cause your alarm system to malfunction, further reducing building security. Locations with a high crime rate may benefit from having bars installed on exterior windows on the sides and back of the building.

2. Increase Interior Visibility

Tinted and textured glass provides better visibility inside the business. This makes the business less appealing for robbery and theft. Keep in mind that some textures will decrease visibility or clear visibility but offer a muted view of movement inside. Tinted and textured glass installations are also a great way to minimize UV light entering the building, and that means your carpet, drapes, and furniture may last longer due to a reduction in the harmful spectrum of natural sunlight. Talk with your custom glass installers about the options available and which ones more closely fit your needs.

3. Reinforced Glass

Commercial glass can be reinforced in a couple of ways. Tempered glass is more resistant to cracking and breaking and typically reduces UV light penetration in the bargain. Reinforced glass contains a security mesh that prevents the glass from shattering and makes it more difficult to enter the building illegally. Tempered glass is more commonly used on storefront windows, especially when the storefront is constructed using glass panels rather than frames. Reinforced glass is excellent for doors and smaller framed windows.

Commercial glass will not solve all of your business security issues, but windows do play a large part in the vulnerability of any given company. You will still need to have a quality alarm system, and you may even want to employ a security service. Depending on the type of business, the amount and value of inventory, and property size, a human security agent may be your first line of company defense, regardless of building sturdiness and passive security devices like alarmed windows.

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