Residential Windows Replacement is a Great Way to Cut Energy Costs

Residential Windows Replacement is a Great Way to Cut Energy Costs

Becoming more energy-conscious is a common reason to have residential windows replacement. According to US News, installing new energy-efficient windows could cut a home’s energy costs by 12 percent, but that doesn’t include the savings available from correcting existing energy losses through those same windows. A window with broken panes, for example, could be adding as much as 40 percent more to your monthly heating bill.

Broken Panes

Cracked, broken, and missing frames are all examples of your utility bills going out the window. No matter what type of frame or style of window glass, the only cure for broken windows is residential windows replacement. During the process, your residential windows contractors will let you know if there are other problems that need to be addressed.

Foggy Windows

Multi-paned glass may lose its seal over time, causing your window glass to appear foggy even when the external surface is squeaky-clean. This problem can be repaired but it is typically more economical to replace the windows and be done with it. Quite a bit of labor goes into repairing multi-paned glass, plus new windows will have warranties that last for years to come. 

Rattling Frames

There are a few things that cause windows to rattle in their frames. Worn guides may allow the window to move excessively in the frame, the outer casing may be broken or bent out of shape, the home may have settled a little, and more. The solution could be as simple as installing weather stripping, but it could be as complex as replacing your window sill or frames.

Interior Drafts

If there are places in your home where it is constantly drafty or cold, you may have windows that need repair. Doors and windows are the primary source of energy loss in all buildings, homes included. You could be losing a lot of energy that could be better put into keeping your family warm and comfortable.

Check Your Entryway Glass

If your entry doors have glass, you should have that checked periodically as well. The most common heat loss associated with doors is the weather stripping that goes around them, but some door types and glass configurations need maintenance from time to time.

If your existing windows are showing signs of wear and decay, replacing them could save enough on your energy bills to pay for replacing them in less than a year. The amount of degradation will affect your actual energy savings, but any windows more than 5 or 10 years old should be inspected for leaks or other problems.

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