4 Ways to Prepare My Office for Commercial Glass Installation?

4 Ways to Prepare My Office for Commercial Glass Installation?

Commercial glass installation is going to have an impact on your business operation. You can minimize that impact by taking a few simple steps to facilitate glass replacement. The easier you can make it for the installers to do their jobs, the faster and more orderly the job will go. These ideas will help your glass replacement go as smoothly as possible.

1. Provide Suitable Access

The work crew that arrives to install your commercial glass needs to be able to get to the areas where work is going to be done. This includes having access to the interior of the building as well as the exterior of the opening. If possible, remove any objects that may be blocking access or blocking stairs and hallways, including carts, shelves, and vehicles.

2. Move Furnishings

Inside the building, rearrange your furniture such as desks and printers so that your employees can use them but the glass installers will not be hampered by them. Most glass contractors will move these things if necessary, but you can get the job completed faster if the workers can go directly to work on your glass installation. Besides, moving things around ahead of time makes it easier to keep your office running smoothly after the installers arrive. 

3. Expect Distractions

No matter what you do, commercial glass installation is going to cause a limited amount of distraction and disruption, but you can minimize the problem by having staff members work at a temporary desk for the day. It may be a little more crowded than usual, but it will avoid workers going back and forth, materials being moved in and out, etc. Additionally, the noise generated by power tools can be a big distraction that can be eliminated if you have a different area for your employees that can be closed off from the installation location.

4. Relocate Power

If you are having windows installed in a new location, it may be necessary to turn off the power to that wall when the opening is being cut. You can help the job go more smoothly by moving your office appliances to another location and locating the circuit breakers for any wall that will have openings cut into it. At the same time, your glass installers will probably need to have access to power during the job. You will not need to supply power cords, but if you can point the installers toward a nearby outlet that won’t interfere with business operations it would benefit everyone involved.

Commercial glass contractors will move and rearrange things if necessary, but doing so will require additional time and labor. If you can take care of making the area easy to access and get to work, you can save money on the process. The contractors will clean up behind their work as part of a satisfaction guarantee that includes putting everything back in place for you if necessary, but business owners typically prefer to designate those tasks to in-house staff.

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