• 3 Reasons to Consider Commercial Window Replacement

    3 Reasons to Consider Commercial Window Replacement

    If your business needs a style upgrade or your energy bills are increasing, it might be time to consider a commercial window replacement. Glass technologies are better than ever and at Dan’s Glass, we offer a variety of options that will increase your weather protection, energy efficiency, comfort, security, curb appeal and more.

    Lower Your Energy Bills

    There’s no shortage of natural lighting in California. Sunshine is a free resource that allows you to show off your inventory, brighten your employees’ workspaces, and reduce the cost of heating and lighting. However, if your current windows aren’t airtight and completely intact, you may be inviting more than light into your commercial space.

    Any gaps between your glass and window frame will allow drafts and allergens inside, and your HVAC system must work overtime to make up for it. When we switch out old commercial windows with new commercial window replacement, we make sure the frames and panes are completely sealed against the elements.

    Increase Your Indoor Comfort

    Of course, sometimes you want the option of fresh air and wind exposure. Breezes are abundant in the Bay Area, and completely enclosed spaces will get stuffy and stale over time. Your customers and employees will appreciate having the option to take in some of that fresh air.

    Casement windows are an efficient alternative to windows that slide up and down. Because they hang vertically and feature manual, airtight cranks, they won’t compromise the seal of your indoor spaces. And unlike floor-to-ceiling picture windows, you can crank them open to take advantage of breezes and cool weather.

    Elevate Your Curb Appeal

    Your storefront glass says a lot about your business. If you need to attract walk-in customers or assure your clients that you put quality first, discolored glass and dark indoor spaces won’t do the trick. Let the glass experts at Dan’s Glass upgrade your space with a brand new commercial window replacement.

    Make your entryway look more modern with transom windows above your glass doors, or ask us to enhance your waiting room with a clear and unobstructed view of the front office. We care about the quality of your windows and we’ll make sure your installation lasts for years to come.

    Commercial Window Replacement Experts

    Contact us at (925) 827-4173 to learn more about your commercial window replacement options. We work hard to perfect every detail and expedite your service so you can get back to business right away.

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