• Commercial Glass Replacement Options

    If you’re revamping the look of your business or just need a bit of commercial glass replacement in your store front you should consider all the different types of commercial glass window styles. Here are just a few of the window designs you can choose for your business when looking for glass replacement or installation.

    Double-Hung Windows

    Easy to clean and having a traditional look, double-hung windows are a nice choice for offices. These windows are made of two panels that can independently slide up or down. This allows flexibility for the building’s occupants.

    Picture Windows

    If you have a nice view from your office or waiting room picture windows may be the perfect window for you. This type of window can’t open, but are framed with a simple surround to allow for a picturesque view that’s not hampered by distractions.

    Commercial Glass Replacement - Picture

    Transom Windows

    The transom window is placed over top of a door. Placed over exterior doors the window is fixed in place, but interior transom windows can be installed to open with the use of a set of hinges. This is a great commercial glass option that will allow for air circulation without having to open a door.

    Commercial Glass Replacement - transom

    Casement Windows

    Casement windows are hung vertically and can be opened with a crank. These windows close airtight, helping you save on energy costs and reducing any drafts that may try to slip in. Energy efficiency is important to any business watching their bottom line.

    Commercial Glass Replacement - Casement

    Commercial Glass Replacement Experts

    Whether you’re looking for a classic look or want to find something a bit more modern, you’ll want to ensure your commercial glass replacement has the quality to last the life of your business. Dan’s Glass can help you get your windows and other glass replacement and installations in place in no time.