Commercial Glass Services East Bay

When searching for a quality commercial glass services, you want the best services from a dependable company. Knowing what to look for and what questions to ask can save you time, money, and frustration, so we put together a quick list of the most important traits and services of leading glass companies like Dan’s Glass.

Commercial Glass Installation

Commercial glass installation encompasses all glass at your company, not just the storefront windows. If it is made of glass, Dan’s Glass will work with you from design to completion. With our wide selection of premium storefronts and decorative glass; you’re sure to find an easy solution to getting your commercial building the attention it deserves. From glass partitions to energy-efficient glass, you’re GUARANTEED to get what you need every time you turn to our commercial glass experts for help. We’ll go the extra mile to ensure your business day is minimally disrupted during your installation and/or glass repair.

A few of our commercial installation services include:

  • Storefront and Picture Windows
  • Display Cases and Glass Partitions
  • Mirrors and Decorative Glass
  • Transom Windows, Skylights, and More
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Commercial Glass Replacement

Commercial glass replacement is available for everything from new construction to broken window repair. We can show you how to give your building a facelift with new glass or give you some ideas for different types of windows and how to use them effectively. Dan’s Glass even offers commercial auto glass services, so you only need one number for all of your commercial glass needs.

Commercial Window Replacement

Commercial Glass Repair

You may think of broken glass when commercial glass repair comes to mind, but glass repair services include things like clearing cloudy glass, laminating, and decorative glass services as well. We hope you never need our 24-hour emergency board-up services, but you can rest assured that we will be ready when you call. And since we are a full-service glass company, we can cut custom pieces, offer a variety of bevel options, or laminate existing glass.

Commercial Glass Repair

Licensed and Insured

Before you begin talking about your commercial glass services options, make sure you are talking to Dan’s Glass, a licensed company. Licensing helps insure the company understands and adheres to local building codes. A licensed company is also more likely to stand the test of time and be there for you in the future.

Energy Efficient Commercial Glass

With our energy-efficient glass products; you’re sure to cut down on your energy consumption. From tinted windows to safety glass barriers, you can trust that we have everything you need within our reach. If you’re worried about how extensive your glass repair is, you can relax. We provide you with cutting-edge technology and solutions to ensure you’re getting the best possible service around.

Insurance is as important as being a licensed contractor. If the commercial glass installation is faulty, having insurance gives you a way to get the work corrected, and if the contractor causes any damages during the installation their insurance will pay for the repairs. Make certain that any contractors you hire are licensed and insured, and offer a warranty on the work performed.

Full Service

You may be having a storefront window replaced today, but may be planning on renovating or upgrading your location in the future. Working with a glass company that can handle all of your glass needs will save you time and money. Look for a company which performs interior and exterior glass installations and offers services like:

  • 24 hour Emergency Repair
  • Windows, Mirrors, and Autos
  • Same Day Service
  • Skylights and Transom Lights
  • Tub and Shower Enclosures

Full service includes the vehicles you use for business as well. Top companies such as Dan’s Glass can repair or replace your auto glass and accepts all major insurance coverages. In many cases, we can repair or replace auto glass at your location in as little as an hour.  

Commercial Auto Glass

The tips we have provided showcases how Dan’s Glass is the right company for your commercial glass installation, repair, or even residential glass needs.  Check out our Yelp reviews to hear what our customers have to say.

Fast, professional service is imperative. At Dan’s Glass, we understand that you have your own business to run, and will do our best to provide courteous service in a fast and unobtrusive manner. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more about our commercial glass services!