• Home Glass Repair: Do It Yourself

    Home Glass Repair: Do It Yourself

    When something goes wrong with windows, doors, mirrors or glasswork throughout your home, you may wonder what to do. Home glass repair can be tricky, but with patience and just a couple of hours you may be able to successfully repair your glass.  Here are some tips you can follow when it comes to do-it-yourself home glass repair.

    Home Glass Repair – Glass Replacement

    The first thing you will want to do before you start your home glass repair is grab a thick pair of work gloves. You may also want protective eyewear.

    • Clear away any broken pieces of glass.
    • You will need to remove the putty between the frame and the windowpane using a putty knife. Be sure to get all pieces of putty off.
    • As you are removing the putty you should notice small metal triangles (glazier’s points.) These work to hold the glass in place so you’ll want to remove them as you go.
    • Put a new, thin layer of putty around the frame; this provides cushioning between the frame and the glass.
    • Make sure the new piece of glass is the right size before you insert it into the frame.
    • Once the glass is inside the frame, press gently and apply the new glaziers points every 4 inches on each side.
    • Use pencil-size strips of putty. Starting from the top apply the putty around the outside of the glass. Smooth down the putty with a putty knife. Your putty should cover all glazier’s points and should be set at an angle where it will hold the glass in place firmly.

    Home Glass Repair – Glass Scratches

    These two DIY ideas can help you remove scratches from glass.

    • Clear nail polish can often work to remove a scratch if the scratch is not too deep. Use a soft cloth to clean and dry the glass. Apply a thin layer of polish over the scratch, letting it sit to dry.
    • A mixture of toothpaste, baking soda, and water can be an effective homemade scratch removing paste. Using circular motions, rub the paste into the scratch with a soft damp cloth. Wash the glass using a soft, damp cloth. Repeat the process until the scratch is no longer visible.

    If you do not feel confident when it comes to doing your own home glass repair, contact the experts at Dan’s Glass. We can help you with all your glass repair and replacement needs.

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