• Installing a Glass Shower Door

    Installing a Glass Shower Door

    If you have an old glass door on your shower or you are looking to add a little privacy, installing a glass shower door can help, but it is a time-consuming do-it-yourself job. Getting the job right the first time is important so that you don’t end up with water leaks in the future.

    There are different kinds of glass shower doors and some are easier to install than others. Depending on which style of glass door you are installing and what skills you have, the job can take you anywhere from two to four hours.

    When properly installed a shower glass door can add instant style to your bathroom, last for many years and keep water from destroying your bathroom floors.

    There are two basic styles to install, framed and frameless; these styles may come in different shapes or angles. Frameless doors usually have thicker glass and look flawless when installed correctly. Framed units weigh less and can handle a lot more use. Out of the two doors a frameless door is harder to install.

    The Basics of Installing a Glass Shower Door

    Here are the installation basics involved when installing a shower glass door.

    • Make sure the door will not be hitting any fixtures or obstacles when it is opened.
    • Cut the base track to the correct dimensions.
    • Place the base track in place so that it fits flush and is level.
    • Mark the positions of where your hinges will go.
    • Use a special tool that will cut through tile to drill holes for the wall anchors.
    • Hang your glass door making sure it is level.
    • Install the other side of the jamb.
    • Put the shower door header in place.
    • Use an electric screwdriver to tightly screw the frame together.
    • Place the drip rail.
    • Apply silicone caulk to make sure your new enclosure is waterproof. You will need to apply the caulk on the inside and outside of the base track and jambs.

    It is important that your measurements are correct and that your shower glass door is sealed correctly. If you feel that installing a glass shower door may be out of your skill set, contact the team at Dan’s Glass today. We can make sure that your shower glass door is installed efficiently and effectively.

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