• Recycling Glass in Concord CA

    Recycling Glass in Concord CA

    If you have glass that is cracked or broken, and you are wondering what to do with it, recycling the glass can be a great option. From windows to glass bottles, there are many places throughout Contra Costa County where you can either have the glass picked up or drop it off yourself.

    Glass Recycling in Contra Costa County

    Here is a list of some of the ways you can recycle glass locally.

    Concord/Pleasant Hill Recycling Center – You can bring the following to this recycling center for either drop off or buyback.

    • Glass Bottles Non-CRV – Drop off
    • Glass Bottles CRF – Buyback
    • Beer Bottles – Buyback

    Concord CurbsideCurbside Recycling Services

    • Beer Bottles
    • Glass Bottles CRV
    • Glass Bottles Non-CRV

    Recycled Glass Works – Bay Area – You can call for pick up arrangements or call for an appointment to drop off.

    • Plate Glass – 1/4″ only
    • Window Glass – 1/4″ only

    Western Strategic Materials – San Leandro – Call for a drop off appointment

    • Auto Glass
    • Glass – Cullet
    • Plate Glass
    • Window Glass

    Building Resources – San Francisco – Call first for pickup of large loads and drop off.

    • Plate Glass 3/8″ thick or better
    • Window Glass 3/8″ thick or better

    Pick – N – Pull – Oakland – Drop off during business hours

    • Auto Glass – Full reusable windshields only

    Brentwood Curbside – Brentwood – Curbside recycling service

    • Beer Bottles
    • Glass Bottles – CRV
    • Glass Bottles – Non – CRV
    • Glass – Cullet

    These are just a few of the options that are available in Contra Costa County. A good place to start is to call the city where you live and ask for glass recycling suggestions.

    Recycling Glass through Art

    If you enjoy creating things, you may want to use the old glass you have on hand for a recycled glass art project. Here are a few ideas you may want to try.

    • Bottle Glasses – If you have wine or beer bottles lying around, you can turn them into glasses. You will need a safe way to cut the glass and a Dremel or glass sander to get the edges smooth.
    • Vintage Picture Frames – If you have old windows with the glass still in place, you can turn them into a beautiful picture frame. Paint the surrounding wood; then, place photos or prints in each smaller frame.
    • Unique Table Lamp – A wine bottle can make a unique lighted centerpiece for your table. Use a small brush and acrylic paints to paint a scene on the outside of the bottle. Add LED fairy lights to the inside of the bottle, and you have a unique table lamp.

    If you have windows or glass that is in need of repair contact the team at Dan’s Glass can help. No need to try and take on these difficult projects yourself.┬áDan’s Glass offers a full range of glass repair and installation services.

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