• Residential Glass Repair – An Expert Choice

    Residential Glass Repair – An Expert Choice

    If you have home glasswork in need of repair, you may have considered do-it-yourself (DIY) residential glass repair. While this may seem like a good cost-saving option, repairing your own glass could actually increase your costs in the long run if you don’t truly understand glass repair.

    Why Residential Glass Repair should be kept off the DIY list

    Unless you have experience in residential glass repair, this is really a job that should be left to a professional. The windows and doors throughout your home do a lot more than just let you see in and out. These windows and doors are a major piece of the puzzle when it comes to controlling your home’s comfort levels, and keeping your energy bills in check.

    When glass is repaired and replaced it must be done correctly to make sure that the glass is sealed and airtight. If this doesn’t happen, your home environment can quickly become uncomfortable. The experts say that homes with gaps and cracks or with windows that aren’t sealed correctly lose the amount of energy equivalent to leaving a window wide open all year round. This can quickly make your energy bills skyrocket, putting extra pressure on your heating and cooling systems, and making your home uncomfortable.

    Safety is another reason not to treat window repairs as a DIY project.  While glass for windows and doors are designed to be stronger and they are designed to safely shatter into tiny pieces when broken, replacing glass can still be a safety hazard.  Installing replacement windows and doors or repairing seals should be done accurately. When these repairs are not completed correctly, the windows and doors will be easier to push out of place. This can become a problem when children or adults push against them and can be especially hazardous when the glass is on a second floor.

    Who to Call for Residential Glass Repair Services

    As you can see, residential glass is important when it comes to keeping your home both comfortable and safe. If you are in need of residential glass repair services, contact the team at Dan’s Glass today. We can help you with all of your residential glass repair and installation needs.

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