Residential Cabinet Glass Service

For a refreshing new look to kitchen or bathroom cabinets, residential cabinet glass available from Dan’s Glass might be just what’s needed. Glass cabinets have a way of opening up a room, since they do not have the ‘closed wall’ characteristic of opaque cabinet doors made of wood or metal, so glass cabinets contribute to the openness of a room.


Since sizing and setting of bathrooms and kitchens will constrain cabinet possibilities, most residential cabinet glass projects must be customized. The great thing about that is that every homeowner’s ideas and input can be incorporated into the final result, so as to achieve an accurate reflection of that person’s own sense of style. Here are some possibilities that might serve as inspiration for bathroom and kitchen glass cabinet installations.

Residential cabinet glass types

  • Stained glass. When the kitchen or bathroom cabinets are positioned to catch the sun’s rays at some point during the day, stained glass cabinets can be absolutely breathtaking. Even without the sun’s rays though, the possibilities for stained glass cabinets can be endlessly beautiful, and are limited only by the imagination.
  • Etched glass. Almost any design can be etched into residential cabinet glass for the kitchen or bathroom, and it can be as subtle or as expansive as desired. Etching can be into a clear glass or a frosted glass, or whatever the room decor and the decorator’s vision permit.


  • Textured glass. Textured glass can be considered to be translucent in that it does allow light to pass through it, but any objects within the cabinet cannot be seen clearly. The glass might have a ribbed appearance or a wavy appearance, but in any case the visibility of objects behind the glass is muted with an attractive, cloudy effect.
  • Leaded glass. Leaded glass is a special kind of glass which has had lead oxide injected into it, up to about 28% of its entire composition, in order to increase its luster or sparkle. In a kitchen or bathroom, this kind of glasswork can be the highlight of the room, and be a feature enjoyed by the whole family and talked about by the whole neighborhood.
  • Beveled glass. Beveled glass is created by cutting the edges of a pane of glass to a desired size and angle with the intent of producing an elegant, ‘framed’ kind of appearance in the room. Typically beveled glass panes are not shaped to standard geometric shapes, but have a more unique, customized look to fit an overall theme or style.


Where to look

Whatever kind of inspiration someone might have for highlighting bathroom or kitchen cabinets, the one name to remember is Dan’s Glass. We can help clarify ideas, design cabinets that will work well in a given setting, and install them professionally so they become a perfect reflection of the homeowner who envisioned them.