Types of Residential Glass Doors

One of the terrific things about a residential glass door is that it can have the effect of opening up a room, and making it seem more spacious. These doors also draw attention and light to the area within and accentuate that particular room or part of the house. A glass door can make such a beautiful addition to a home and provide a whole new esthetic to the environment.

 Types of glass doors

There are many different types of residential glass doors that can be installed in a house, and all of them add monetary value to the home in addition to the visual benefits. One category of residential glass door defines how it is to be used and where it will be placed, for instance as an interior or exterior door.

Exterior residential glass doors are those used on a porch or deck and also as the main entrance to the home. Main entrance doors that make use of glass are not generally made entirely of glass, but are instead fitted with one or more panels enclosed by wood or some other material that contrasts nicely with and supports the glass panels. Porch or deck doors are more commonly made of all glass because a heavier door is not really required for these.

Luxury waterfront apartment living room with a floor-to-ceiling

Interior residential glass doors are more likely to be constructed entirely of glass, one common example of which would be the glass door used in a shower or tub enclosure. Within this category, there are many possibilities. Sliding glass doors might appeal more to you than hinged doors that swing open, corner doors might make better use of  your available bathroom space, or exotic hexagonal doors might really light up your shower area.


Once you have an idea about how you want to use your residential glass door and where you want to place it, you can move on to choosing from among the many different kinds of glass that could be used. Clear glass would definitely work in a shower door, although some people might prefer privacy and choose a tinted glass, or some kind of textured glass. Even among these styles of glass there are tons of variations, so the possibilities really are almost endless.

Texture glass panel

Total residential glass door service

If you are considering installation of one or more residential glass doors in your home and would like to discuss it with one of our consultants, please call Dan’s Glass and we’ll be glad to give you the benefit of our years of experience and knowledge. You’ll be amazed at all the possibilities, and even more amazed with the results! We serve a good portion of the East Bay, including the San Ramon Valley.

Also if your existing glass door should become damaged or compromised in some way, Dan’s Glass provides top notch repair work performed by highly qualified specialists. Your damaged glass will look as good as new in no time!