…I am VERY impressed…


“…I am VERY impressed…”

We had a Thursday 8 AM appointment to replace the front windshield on our Camry. I checked in on time and made sure they understood that I needed to have the work done by 10:45 so my wife could drive to work. Well, the job was completely and properly done by 8:20! The work entailed removing and re-installing the rearview mirror that has electric wires going to it.

Hey, the techs even removed and correctly re-installed the Velcro strips for our FasTrak gizmo at the proper spacing! I assume that they pre-ordered the correct glass and had it ready to install. Cost was reasonable at $311 for the standard non-noise suppression glass including labor.

Needless to say I am VERY impressed with the fast and accurate service we had on this glass replacement. They will be our go-to place for our glass needs in the future.

On a previous visit to the shop, we ordered a thick piece of glass shelving. It was cut perfectly to our specs and available for pick-up the next day after we placed our order.

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