• Understanding Glass Repair

    Understanding Glass Repair

    There are several factors that go into understanding glass repair. Auto glass is either replaced wholesale, or if it just cracked, it can actually be repaired. Household and/or commercial glass can only be replaced when it is cracked or broken, however, there are times when the glass is best replaced even if it is not broken or damaged at all. A bit more on that later.

    Household or Commercial Glass Repair

    In every case here, unless a small corner is broken off, if the glass is cracked or broken, it will need to be replaced. However, there are certain situations where the glass is replaced even if it is fully intact. For example …

    If the frame is broken or, in older homes where the frame is made of wood and rotted, even if the glass is intact, you may want it replaced. The reason is energy efficiency. In most cases, thinner panes of glass can be replaced with thicker, and therefore, more energy efficient glass.

    In either a commercial glass repair situation or home glass repair, where the seal on a double or triple pane window has been compromised, the entire frame with new glass would best be replaced. The glass would still be intact, but these double and triple paned frames are factory filled with an inert gas and then sealed. They are essentially one piece components, and therefore need to be replaced in one piece.

    Glass Repair - Triple Hung Cross-section

    Auto Glass Repair

    Auto glass is made up of two sheets of glass with a polymer or plastic sheet sandwiched between them. The polymer holds the glass together after it breaks, so there are no sharp shards that go flying. That’s why automotive glass is called “safety glass.”

    Auto Glass Repair

    Unless there is a puncture all the way though, a ding or slight crack can be repaired in auto glass. If the crack is large or the glass has been broken through from one side to the other side, glass repair is not an option, and it will then need to be replaced.

    For any instance where you may have questions about glass repair or replacement, whether it is auto glass, house or home glass, or even commercial glass, call the experts at Dan’s Glass at 925-827-4173. They will have the answers you need for every glass repair question every time, and as a full service glass company, they’ll be there for all your auto, home and commercial glass needs.

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