• Using Etched Glass to Add a Decorative Feature to your Home Cabinets

    Using Etched Glass to Add a Decorative Feature to your Home Cabinets

    Cabinets are widely regarded as an important part of your kitchen or bathroom’s overall look. Glass designs can easily add to the decor you’ve chosen, giving even cabinets that have been in your home for a long time a new, fresh look. One unique way to give glass on cabinets an innovative, designer appearance is to use etching on the glass.

    Why Glass Fronts Add Class

    Adding glass to a cabinet gives a look of class that you won’t find just anywhere. Even though many homeowners are willing to pay a lot of money for custom cabinets with glass fronts, there’s no reason you can’t opt to have glass fronts added later. Glass installers often perform this type of service for customers, giving them a chance to have a fresh look without replacing all their cabinets.

    Etched Glass Creates Stunning Effects

    Etched glass can add a whole new level of style and class to the kitchen or bathroom area. Here are just a few examples of some of the ways you can use etched glass to dress up your space:

    • Etched glass designs that are also frosted
    • Colored etched glass designs
    • Monogrammed or signature designs
    • Etchings with geometric patterns

    Possible Kitchen Uses

    Since most people spend quite a bit of time in their kitchens, it’s quite normal to want to decorate the cabinets to show a little more personality. Here are some ways etched glass can be put to use in a kitchen:

    • Replace a wooden cabinet door with a glass insert that allows you to see your dinner and glassware easily
    • Use colored etched glass to replace a cabinet door front that has seen a lot of wear
    • Choose an etched glass design with stained glass elements to complement artwork in the kitchen area
    • Incorporate etched glass onto the front of a wet bar or sideboard

    Possible Bathroom Uses

    A bathroom is a good place to make use of etched glass, even though it is an area where people don’t tend to think of the decor quite as often. A few examples of how etched glass can be used in bathroom cabinets include:

    • Etching the mirror on the medicine cabinet with a floral design around the edges
    • Turn an old free-standing wooden bathroom cabinet into a work of art by having glass inserts put on the front
    • If your bathroom has a window, consider having the window etched to match the glass design on the cabinets

    Etched glass designs add a lot of unique personality to your space, especially when used on cabinets. Dan’s Glass provides Concord, CA customers with an array of custom glass services to suit all styles. Our glass experts will work with you to find the right glass design for your home cabinets. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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