• Window Replacement vs Window Repair

    Window Replacement vs Window Repair

    If your windows are inefficient, damaged or inoperable, you may be exploring window replacement options. However, window repair could be a money-saving option that allows you to reap the same rewards as replacing the windows. Here are five factors to consider when comparing window repair vs. window replacement.

    Window Wood Rot and Decay

    You may be concerned about window frame decay, and with good reason. If water penetrates the frame, the wood could be compromised. It’s important to remove the windows and repair and frame before it rots. Even if rot has already set in, window repair is worth exploring before you invest in window replacement. If condensation has formed between panes of insulated glass, you need to replace the sash or window. Your warranty may cover the replacement cost.

    Window repair - Rotting Window

    Window Energy Efficiency

    If you have old single-pane windows, you could be losing a lot of energy through poorly insulating glass. A window replacement comprised of double- or triple-pane glass can help make your home more energy efficient.

    You may hesitate to pursue a window replacement if you live in an older home with unique windows. After all, these are important architectural details that add to your home’s charm, aesthetics and market value. If you don’t want to detract from your home’s style with a window replacement, consider these window repair tips to improve energy efficiency:

    • Add caulk: Remove old, flaking caulk around windows. Replace it with new material applied from a caulking gun. Apply the flexible material around the interior window frame and between the window molding and siding on the exterior. Add caulk when the temperature is above 45 degrees F and humidity is low.
    • Add weather stripping: Curb air leaks around sashes by applying weather stripping to a clean, dry window surface. The window should close on and compress the weather stripping for a tighter seal. Apply this product when the temperature is above 20 degrees F.
    • Install storm windows: Poor window insulation is particularly noticeable in the winter. Install storm windows during the colder months as an affordable alternative to window replacement.

    Lead Paint 

    While banned after 1978, homes built prior to this – and especially before 1960 – often contain single-pane windows with lead paint. An experienced contractor can suggest remedies, the most effective of which is window replacement. Make sure the contractor is trained in lead-safe work practices before you permit workers to disturb existing lead paint.

    Inoperable Windows

    Jammed sashes or windows painted shut reduce functionality. While these problems help increase air-tightness during the winter, you undoubtedly want to enjoy cool summer night breezes. A sash saw is a great option for cutting through paint, and professionals can often repair jammed sashes. However, if these ideas prove fruitless, window replacement is your best option.

    Inoperable Windows

    Damaged Windows

    Problems including cracked glass, split muntins, missing or rotting exterior window shields, and broken exterior casings can be repaired, but if any of your windows suffer from three or more of these ailments, it may be best to pursue window replacement.

    Selecting a Window Replacement

    Wood frame windows are still a viable option, but you have many other materials to choose from today, including aluminum, vinyl and fiberglass. Classic single- or double-hung windows may suit your fancy, but if you prefer casement, double casement or sliding windows, these options are also available.

    If you’re looking for window replacement or repair services for your home or business, contact Dan’s Glass in Concord to begin the process.


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