• Windshield Replacement Options

    Windshield Replacement Options

    If you have a crack, chip, scratch or your glass has been shattered altogether, you may be wondering what your options are when it comes to your car windshield.

    Depending on the damage to your windshield, some chips or small cracks may be able to be repaired, holding off the issue of having to replace your window. Other times there is no other option but to replace the window.

    Do know that cracks, chips and even scratches that are left to their own devices often turn into much bigger issues.

    Windshield Replacement Options

    When you do need windshield replacement there are a few different options out there. These options include dealer glass, aftermarket glass, and OEM (which is Original Equipment Manufactured glass). You will find that these three options have varying price differences and it is good to know which is which when it comes to choosing new glass for your car.

    • Dealer Glass – If you go to your local dealership to have your window replaced, you are likely to get the exact same window your car had when it was brand new. Dealership glass is approved by the manufacturer of your car and will carry the car’s logo. Generally, this is a good option, especially if you have a higher end car; however, it can also be the most expensive option. Like most brands, you are paying for the name more than anything else.
    • Aftermarket Glass – Aftermarket glass is manufactured by glass makers that do not have a contract with any, one certain manufacturer. Thanks to the law, they do not have the right to create windshields using the same specs as the car manufacturer or OEM distributors. This is the least expensive option when it comes to replacing your windshield. The problem is these windshields are not made specifically for your car and may void your car’s warranty or hurt the resale value. It also comes with no guarantee so if something does go astray there is nothing to fall back on except for possible damage to your car and wallet.
    • OEM Glass – Although not always exactly the same as the very first windshield installed on your car, OEM or Original Equipment Manufactured glass should be virtually identical to what you would find at your dealer. A lot of the time, the OEM glass is made by the same people that make the dealership or manufacturers’ windshields. Like most vehicle parts, it can be cheaper to place an OEM window with a glass repair company than going to the dealership, yet you are getting a comparable or even the same product.

    Which Glass to Choose for Windshield Replacement

    Which glass you choose for your windshield replacement is ultimately up to you. If you are not clear on which glass is best for your windshield replacement, the team at Dan’s Glass can help. We have been working with automobile glass replacement since 1979 and can help you replace the windshield of your car, quickly and safely.

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